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Other Small Groups

One more reason our St. John’s Parish is amazing…Adult Small Groups!

Life is better connected!  Everyone can be in a Small Group.  Small Groups is where our large church gets small.  Groups are 6-12 people who meet to discuss faith, go deeper in the weekly message and support one another in their relationship with Christ.  This is the place to care for others and to be cared for.

Engage in a Group!  Contact the Welcome Center or call 508 563 5887 to sign up!


  • Monday, 7:00pm        Facilitators: Michael, Ashlinn, Laura      Meets in Person        Openings Available

We are a new fellowship of young Adults in our 20’s & 30’s connected through our Faith community. “Resisting Happiness” by Matthew Kelley – 7 week program

  • Tuesday, 1:00              Facilitator: Liz Schwefler                           Meets in Person         Openings Available

  • Tuesday, 3:00              Facilitator: Joan Borgatti                           Meets in Person         Openings Available

  • Tuesday, 6:00              Facilitator: Mike Fougere                          Meets in Person  

  • Wednesday, 10:30     Facilitator: Jan Schutten                            Meets in Person         Openings Available

  • Wednesday, 3:00       Facilitator: Terri Chalker                             Meets in Person

  • Thursday, 9:00            Facilitator: Kara Russell                              Meets in Person         Openings Available

  • Friday, 4:00                 Facilitator: Michael Cryan                           Meets On-line            Openings Available

Fr. Tom has chosen “Rediscover Catholicism” as our next book.  It is a wonderful book and promises to bring rich discussions and deep reflection to each of us in our Small Groups.

New Small Group Beginning January 2022: "Life is Messy" by Matthew Kelly

Our Small Groups are a place where you “belong and participate”.  We attend Mass to Worship and express our love of God.  Our Small Groups are where we connect with each other and build friendships and go deeper in our faith.

Fr. Tom’s Christmas gift book, “Life is Messy” by Matthew Kelly is a perfect book at the right time for our winter launch of Small Groups!  Our Small Groups will start the week of January 24th and run for 8 weeks.  We would love to have you join us!


Monday, 6:30-8:00p – 20’s-30’s       Facilitators - Laura, Michael, Ashlynn

Tuesday, 3:00                                   Facilitator – Joan Borgatti

Tuesday, 6:00                                   Facilitator – Mike Fougere (FULL)

Wednesday, 10:30                            Facilitator – Jan Schutten

Wednesday, 3:00                              Facilitator – Terry Chalker

Thursday, 9:00                                  Facilitator – Kara Russell

Thursday, 8:30                                  Facilitator – Liz Schwefler

Friday, 4:00                                       Facilitator – Michael Cryan



Please contact the Welcome Center (Patty) with any questions and to register.


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