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Small Groups

We had a fabulous Summer Small Group Session!  With fewer demands on our time many of us were able to dive into Fr. Tom’s choice of C. S. Lewis’ book “The Great Divorce.”  Oh what a great success!  There were so many wonderful deep faith discussions, sharing and so much learning…together!


Our Small Groups are a place where we grow in faith and friendships.  We develop friends in faith in order to grow in Faith!


Our Fall Small Group Launch will begin the week of October 3rd!


Monday, 6:30pm

Tuesday, 3:00pm

Tuesday, 6:00pm – Full

Wednesday, 10:30pm

Wednesday, 3:00pm

Thursday, 9:00am

Thursday, 1:00pm NEW GROUP

Friday, 4:00 – Zoom

“Deep within each of us, God has implanted the desire to be the-best-version-of-ourselves.  God has a dream for your life.  Saint Paul shares nine words in his letter to the Galatians.  These nine words provide the blueprint to your destiny, the dream God has for your life.”  NINE WORDS by Allan Hunt


Please call or email the Welcome Center to join a Small Group or 508 563 5887

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