Christmas Fair Gratitude

Dear Friends,


I just have to write a note of thanks for all who were involved in this last weekend’s Family Christmas Fair.  The great number of those who attended spoke clearly about the desire to return to a more normal sense of gathering to celebrate being a community that treasures our faith in God and the gift of His Son to us.  It was such a joy to be able to move among the many people that we get to see in church each week, as well as those who attend other Masses than our usual one.  This is, for me, a very special time, as I get to interact with many who I only see in the pews from a distance each week.  It does, however, go further than this, as we as the St. John’s family get to welcome those from other parishes and communities.  The enthusiasm among our visitors, and their desire to mention what a great time this was for them, was truly heartwarming for me.  I was so proud that they got to experience the warmth and goodness of so many of you, something which I always receive from you all.

Sincere thanks are due to all who helped to make this happen.  There are so many volunteers that make it go smoothly, as well as our staff members and committee leaders that work so hard to keep things on track in the planning in advance and actual execution on the day of the event.  A special mention must be made of Jane Robin and Pat Gonet as committee heads.  To say that much sacrifice takes place would be an understatement.  I hope that all that effort was seen by all involved as fully worth it as the day progressed.  Many people were strengthened by the time they spent at the Fair.  May God bless all who helped us bring this to fruition.  We are also grateful to our many great vendors, who seemed to also enter into the joy of the day while being successful themselves in their efforts.  We were so pleased to have them all with us.

I was able to mention at Mass that the financial success of the day was a very good thing, but really nothing to be compared with the building of our community that took place.  And, for me, that is the most important reason we have the Fair – to help us become ever more the presence of Christ to each other and to the wider community around us.  In my estimation we succeeded in responding to Christ’s call to be His presence to our own parish family and to those we drew into our family for the short time the Fair operates.  I really cannot say how grateful I am for the gift the day was for so many, including me!  May God continue to bless St. John’s as we continue to serve Him.


In Christ,

Fr. Tom

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