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When TMIY began last year, we were
optimistic that we would have 24 men sign
up. We have 51 men signed up with an
average weekly attendance of over 40, with
room to grow. The men (of all ages, from 21
to 97) of our parish not only showed up, but
they listened and have grown from this
In our next sessions, "The Battle Over the
Bride," the men will be empowered to take
the next step in authentic male leadership.
The focus will be on their role as husband
and their deep desire for self-sacrificial love.
Offering proven solutions and practical
methods, it provides an incredibly clear
pathway to overcoming the pressures men
encounter in going to the end of love.
It all begins again on Saturday, September 17
at 7 AM. We begin every session with coffee
and fellowship. We honor a hard stop at
8:30 AM so you can have the remainder of
your day.
Men, find out for yourself what blessings and
knowledge and camaraderie motivated 4
dozen plus men to set an early alarm on
Saturday mornings. Wives, assure your men
that you could get along without them for
the first 90 minutes of every Saturday (but
don't be TOO happy they are leaving and
giving you some alone don't want
to hurt their feelings!) :-)
To sign up, visit: use the
interactive map to find us, click on "Register"
and follow the prompts. Easy! See you there!

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