2021 Annual Collection

St. John’s Parish Annual Collection

August 2021

Dear Friends,


I can honestly say that this is so much better a summer than last year!  Though we still are adjusting to the changes that were caused by last year’s health concerns, we see that God’s grace is seeing us through, and we are once again experiencing the joy of being a part of such a vibrant family of faith as we have here at St. John’s.  And much of it in person, too!  Thanks to all who are making this possible.

I need to say how profoundly grateful I am to all of you who helped us through the most difficult times we went through.  But I also have to say that I never truly was in fear, because I had learned early in my time here that this community is strong.  Your care and concern for each other is such a blessing, and clearly inspired by your knowledge of God’s presence among us.

We are still in the process of unpacking what we learned over the past year or so, and new initiatives are about to debut from the wings, so to speak, so stay attentive please.  Our history as a parish is that we adjust and adapt, and we are beginning to do that right now, preparing for the future that is promised us by God.

Last year we saw once again that the people of this parish respond to the needs presented, as you will see in our financial report (on the table near the doors to the church).  For those of us in the administrative and leadership side of things, this causes us to see that our work will always be before us, and it is for this reason that we will continue to innovate and grow our Ministries.  We are a living organization, not just a static structure.

With this as our focus we will, as always, need your support to allow us to do those things that help us continue to develop and grow.  Our St. John’s Annual Appeal is a primary way that we can vision for our future, because it allows us to responsibly decide what can be done to keep us healthy and growing as a parish family.  Your weekly and other support takes care of our day-to-day expenses, but the Annual Appeal allows us to do greater and larger things, sometimes addressing what can be called infrastructure issues that support our efforts in a foundational way.

Your support in the past allows me to have confidence that you will once again respond to our request for assistance.  Please consider your offering to this collection as an investment in our future as a parish, almost a gift to yourselves and those who will come after us.  We are fortunate that we were able to weather the storm of last year due to you and your help.  Please help us move forward with that same support and encouragement.  I thank you in advance for your help.  Last year I ended this letter with a paragraph I still believe, and I repeat it here, as it is still true:

Your most important gift to us will always be your prayers.  I knew when I first came here what a special place this is, and I continue to thank and praise God that He has allowed me to be here during this time, for I have felt your prayerful support.  It is my desire that I help you continue to be the wonderful community of believers that I first discovered, and that together we continue to be the light of His presence to all who encounter us.  Your prayers and generosity can allow that to happen.  I hope you will be able to support this effort and know how important each and every one of you is to Him in all you do.  God bless you always!


In Christ,


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