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Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?


These days as our world gets busier and faster in communication and information technology, people are longing to find deeper meaning in life, to grow closer to God and to one another, and to feel connected and integral to our rapidly evolving world.

Spiritual direction provides the time and space to reflect on one’s relationship with God. It’s not so much about being “directed” as being companioned on the spiritual journey, and guided as you come to recognize God’s loving presence in the experiences of your daily life.

You might commit to spiritual direction in either one-on-one meetings with a spiritual director or to group spiritual direction which is led by a spiritual director. Meetings are usually once a month.

I have been offering individual spiritual direction here at St. John’s, and now will also offer group spiritual direction. The group will go for ninety minutes, except for the first meeting which will be for two hours. If you are interested in being companioned on your spiritual journey either individually or in a group, please contact me for more information. Sr. Jane, 508-563-5887 ext 102, or



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