April 17, 2020

Scholarship deadline.

April 25, 2020


8:30 AM 


9:00 AM-Noon 

Retreat - breakfast 

and lunch included in the cost

May 16, 2020

12 Noon - Fashion Show & Lunch at the Welcome Center

June 12-14, 2020

Rummage Sale


Women's Guild:

The St. John the Evangelist Women's Guild is open to all women of the parish. Its purpose is to unite the women of St. John's to work together for the glory of God, and the spiritual growth and material good of the parish. The Guild provides opportunities that promote service, friendship, and sociability in addition to promoting fund-raising projects to fulfill financial needs of the Guild and its charitable service projects. 


The Guild meets September through May. We additionally have activities throughout the year including: Rummage Sale,  Mass with Communion Breakfast, Benediction and Tea, Patriotic Rosary and we end the year in June with a dinner at a local restaurant.

Consult the Newsletter for meeting times.  For more information, email Bobbie Dwyer.

Women's Guild Scholarship Application: 

Click here for eligibility requirements and application.  EXTENDED TO APRIL 17.  No late submissions will be considered.