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Confirmation 2 Assignments:       


Links to documents are underlined            


For Complete Syllabus Click Here

  • If Missed Class,Complete Review Questions at End of Chapter

  • See Syllabus for Homework Assignments

  • Click Below for Any Additional Handouts

                                                    See Syllabus for

                                                    Homework Assignments   Family Bible Activities - Month Due

Nov. 18, 2018:  Ch. 9                       See Syllabus                              November

Dec. 9, 2018:  Ch. 10                       See Syllabus                              December

Jan. 26, 2019:  RETREAT DAY       See Syllabus                              January

Feb. 10, 2019:  Ch. 20                     See Syllabus                              February

Mar. 17, 2019:  Ch. 19                     See Syllabus                              March

The Confirmation Sponsor Form is Due by November 18th; however, it can be turned into the Faith Formation Office any time before that date.


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